Does commercial property insurance cover commercial roof repair?

Does commercial property insurance cover commercial roof repair?

If your commercial roof is damaged, will the cost of repair or replacement be covered by commercial property insurance? The answer is dependent on the specifics of your insurance plan.

Here are some things you should consider to ensure your commercial roof is protected:

Warranty and insurance

In most instances, roofing materials and installation is covered under warranties. While these warranties are not the same as roofing insurance, they will cover you in the event your roofing system fails due to inferior materials or issues with the installation.

On the other hand, you will need to check your insurance policy for the specifics of what your plan covers. You should look to see if the entire roof, from the deck to surfacing material, is insured. Confirm also whether the roofing system is insured against water infiltration, termite and other insect damage, storm and wind damage, and damage from airborne debris. When you see what is covered, check to see if your insurance will pay for a roof replacement or only roof repairs.

How can negligence affect your insurance?

If you have a basic commercial property insurance plan, you may void your coverage if you do work on your building, such as adding new signs, HVAC systems, or satellite dishes without updating your plan. So, always update your policy after you have done any work.

You may also have issues with your insurance coverage if you are negligent with the care of your roofing system. If there is an issue with your roof, you must be able to show your insurer that you have had annual or semi-annual roof inspections. Your insurer will also want to see evidence of routine roofing maintenance and repair and a record of anyone who has been on your roof and their purpose for being there as well as proof of your due diligence in addressing problems. You should also submit any warranties that may cover existing materials and labour.

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