How to Spot a Leak in Your Commercial Roof

No one wants to deal with a leaking commercial roof, but at times leaks are unavoidable. Luckily, if you catch a leak early enough, you can minimize the damage to your property.

Here are some signs to help you spot a leak to avoid the expenses associated with major commercial roof repair or replacing damaged office furniture and equipment:

Stained ceiling

When your ceiling is exposed to water for an extended period, rings of discolouration will appear. You may also notice stains on your wall if there is a leak in the corner of your ceiling. If that happens there might be water damage not only to your ceiling but also within your walls.

Visible damage

There are various reasons for commercial roofs leaking. If the drains on your roof are clogged, it will cause water to pool on your roof which can lead to a leak. Leaks can also occur when old membranes crack because of falling objects or someone walks on your roof. Harsh weather conditions may even cause the metal flashing around your roof to become unsecured or damaged. If you invest in regular roofing maintenance, you can spot any damage before a leak gets inside your building.

Foul odour

If you notice a foul odour inside, it is likely that you have a mould problem. A moist environment is a breeding ground for mould. High levels of airborne fungus can cause health concerns such as eye, nose and throat irritation, asthmas episodes, sinus congestion and other respiratory problems.

Water dripping inside the building

The most obvious sign of roof leak is when you see water dripping from your ceiling to leave puddles on the floor. In addition to the damage this can do the building structure, it can also cause damage to items inside the building as well.

High energy bills

Often when there is a leak in your roof, you will see an increase in your monthly energy bill. The reason this happens is that usually water saturates the insulation before entering the building. Soaked insulation, along with holes in your roof will make it harder for the building to stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer which will be reflected in your bills.

Do you need a roofing contractor for commercial roof repair in Vancouver?

If you have noticed any signs that indicate your commercial roof might be leaking, you should call a commercial roofing contractor immediately. For commercial roof repair in Vancouver and surrounding areas, contact us at Robinson Roofing and Sheet Metal.

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